Helping Writers Through The Publishing Minefield

The new Millennium was only two years old when Riverhead published its first title. At the time, there was very little help and advice available to local writers attempting to get their work published. A number of potential new authors were put off and possibly lost to the best-sellers’ list forever, daunted by the prospect of trying to find their way through the publishing minefield.

Many were neither confident or knowledgeable enough to pursue their dreams of getting their work published, whilst others simply didn’t want to take the solitary route of self-publishing. But working alongside a carefully selected team of creative professionals, Riverhead started to address these problems. And today, after nearly fifteen years of continuous success, Riverhead boasts an enviable reputation, having published a myriad of titles and helped countless authors to achieve their publishing goals and see their books selling in high street bookshops.

The Riverhead Success Story

In its first few years Riverhead released a number of successful titles including the unique ‘Mally’ trilogy by ‘Deal Or No Deal’ winner, Mally Welburn, and ‘Roger’, the autobiography of Rugby League legend, Roger Millward. The latter was soon followed by further publications celebrating Hull’s professional sports teams’ achievements, including Mike Sterriker’s wonderfully entertaining account of Hull KR’s promotion into Super League, ‘Back From Oblivion’, and Hull City fan Gary Clark’s amazing story, ‘From Boothferry To Wembley’.

Book of the Year

More recently, it published a trio of fascinating sea-faring memoirs, Danny Platten’s ‘From The Arctic To Angola’, Jim Williams’ ‘Swinging The Lamp’ and Jack Close’s ‘Beyond the Horizon’ that became Shipping Today’s ‘Book of the Year’. Riverhead has launched the writing careers of a number of other new authors, including John Grosser, who has already released two successful titles, both set in Hull: ‘Entertaining Angels’ and ‘Pilgrim’.

National Best-Seller

The company is also happy to help established authors, and in 2013 released Ian Newton’s ‘Hessle Road Scallywags’, which within a fortnight of publication appeared in the national best-sellers’ list.

Publishing Your Book

NOW THAT I’VE WRITTEN MY BOOK, HOW DO I GET IT PUBLISHED? They say, ‘There’s a book in everyone’. If you think that’s true but don’t know how or where to start to get your own ‘best-seller’ published, Riverhead will provide the answer.

Why Choose Riverhead?

Riverhead offers a range of publishing packages, designed to suit every author’s individual needs. We provide as much help as they require in all aspects of producing their book – from initial concept, to design, photography, editing, printing and publishing.

So don’t be left wondering what might have been. If you have a story to tell, contact us today and turn your dream into reality.

How to Order

Simply send a cheque for the appropriateamount(s) made payable to Riverhead (freeP&P) or, to pay by credit card, click onto PayPal and follow the instructions.

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