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MarshallHDMHull born David Marshall is the latest writer to complete his autobiography and have it published by Riverhead – and what a fascinating read it is.


Saved from the shark-infested Pacific – to become a lifesaver…

David was just 20 when he was rescued from the shark-infested Pacific. Surviving the traumatic ‘man-overboard’ experience prompted him to embark on a lifelong quest, dedicated to inventing a rescue beacon to save the lives of seafarers in distress.

‘The more I looked into marine losses, sudden sinkings and man overboard reports, the more I felt that more could and should be done to improve safety at sea,’ he said.

Now, aged 76, David has written this intriguing account of his extraordinary life as an inventor helping to save lives at sea – but having to fight against devious investors, and British government red tape and bureaucracy in order to do so.

He has sold beacons to the rich and famous, including Princess Anne and Richard Branson. And has helped to save the lives of thousands, including Atlantic rower Kenneth Kerr in 1979 and yachtsman Tony Bullimore in 1996.

‘I suppose over forty years the beacons have saved or helped save thousands of lives,’ said David. ‘It’s been a big fight to get them accepted by the authorities. But I’m quite proud of what we’ve achieved.’

‘The Beacon Man’ is available from Waterstones and Chapel Street News in Hull, WH Smiths in Beverley, or from the Riverhead bookshop, priced £9.95


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